HD Video Photography Media Archiving Precision Audio Editing DVD Authoring Precision Video Editing

HD Video Photography

HD & Multi-Track Video Editing

Media Archiving

All Kinds Of Tape, Film Or Slides Can Be Archived On CD/DVD, Flash Drives OR Whatever You Can Think Of

Precision Audio Editing

Transfer, Edit & Archive Vinyl, Cassette, CD, Digital Audio Or Multi-Camera Video To All Kinds Of Media

DVD Authoring

We Create DVD's & HD-DVD's From Any Type Of Media Sources Including 8/S8/16mm Film & 35mm Slides

Precision Video Editing

Our Software Programs Are Industry Leaders & Allow Us The Luxury Of Precision & Creativity

Video Photography

Wedding Video Packages All packages below include all post production time, editing, special F/X, custom labeling and One DVD Master. Also available on Bluray and other media for additional charge upon request. Gold Pressed Latinum Package $1295.00 (Inquire About Special Rates w/3B’s Event Package) The Works! Dual-camera (HD) coverage of pre-ceremony and/or photo session. Tri-camera […]

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Sometimes a simple photograph just doesn’t make the statement you want to convey. Below are some crude samples of some of our Panorama work made with simple cameras shot randomly during vacations and basic travel. Ranch Of The Sequoias Monterey Coastline Coast Of Sicily San Francisco Crystal Falls Highway 88 AT&T Park Collusium The Dome

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Media Archiving

What is Media Archiving? Some of us grew up in a world where people saved their memories on 35mm Slides, 8/Super8/16mm Film & Photographs to mention a few. Along with Video Tape beginning in the late 1960’s, all of these mediums are time sensitive and eventually can deteriorate. Preserving them on Disc (CD, DVD, HD-DVD, […]

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DVD Authoring

DVD Authoring is a specific set of files that need to be burned on to a Disc providing the necessary code for the Disc to function properly. This is done with Authoring software combining the video files with effects, Surround Sound and menus if desired.

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Complete Multi Media




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Entertainment Systems Audio/Video Productions established in 1985 started out as a mobile D.J. service and added video photography & editing in 1995. We began producing DVD’s back in 2001 and since then have grown to be a one stop store for all your media and archiving needs. We can archive media to DVD & HD-DVD as far back as 8mm/Super8mm/16mm film (that’s right film) as well as 35mm slides, negatives and photographs. Of course video tape in just about all formats are included in our archiving and editing capabilities. Please check out our web site where you’ll find samples of our work in Quicktime, Real Media, other formats & of course our Youtube Channel.


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